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Best hoverboards

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Ready to hit the road with some hoverboards? These options will keep you going safely and in high style. Hoverboards are an efficient way to travel long distances, and the best ones are held to rigorous safety standards, too. We pick the TOEU Hoverboard for its exquisite balance, literally, between safety, performance, and style.

Best overall

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TOEU Hoverboard

Safe and stylish

The TOEU hoverboard takes safety first, with certification to strict UK standards. This means that your properly equipped kids can wheel along at 15 kilometres per hour for long distances. 

The battery will hum along for about one to two hours, with a maximum autonomy of 20 kilometres. That's well more than enough to keep you going around the neighbourhood. You can also pick the size and style that your kid will enjoy.

Best balance

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Sisgad hoverboard

Beginners will appreciate this hoverboard's ease of use

The Sisgad self-balancing electric hoverboard is perfect for beginners. It's easy to keep upright, even as it goes straight or rotates. The company says that most beginners will figure out basic functions in about five minutes. It features colour LED lights and has multiple colours.

Best connectivity

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TOEU Hoverboard with Bluetooth

Listen to your music on the go

The TOEU Hoverboard has a unique built-in wireless speaker that can connect to your portable devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to music or books without the need of headphones. The safety-certified hoverboard has an easy, self-balancing control system for beginners and amateurs. You can travel up to 15 kilometres per hour for roughly 20 kilometres.

Best lighting

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Markboard Scooter

Your lighting style will be a fashion statement

The Markboard scooter has bright LED lighting that not only makes a statement as you go down the street but improves safety in poor or dark lighting conditions. Feel free to listen to your tunes via Bluetooth while driving this safety-certified vehicle. Beginners should feel comfortable with the controls in only one to two hours, allowing anyone to get on the road quickly.

Bottom line

The TOEU hoverboard is the perfect balance between safety and autonomy. With strict UK standards used to evaluate its road-worthiness, you can let your kid go on the road with confidence. Your kid can also travel easily around the neighbourhood, with the ability to go as high as 15 kilometres per hour -- similar to a bike.

The battery will keep the hoverboard going for one to two hours of continuous use, which is more than enough to visit nearby friends or to go for an electric-powered stroll. There also are a variety of sizes and styles available to satisfy just about every fashion preference.

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