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Best bathroom fans

Bathroom fan
(Image credit: Amazon)

Bathing and showering make bathrooms humid rooms. The condensation they create is annoying because it fogs mirrors but, worse, it provides the conditions in which mould and mildew thrive, and they can cause health problems. A great bathroom fan will remove the moisture-laden air from the room to keep these nasties at bay, plus take odours away, and make the room’s fittings last longer. These are the top choices.

Best overall

Manrose QF100T Extractor Fan

(Image credit: Manrose)

Manrose QF100T Extractor Fan (opens in new tab)

Wall or ceiling mounting possible

With a noise level of just 27dB, this well-priced bathroom fan is at the level of a whisper, keeping your home quieter. It offers a high extraction rate of 75 metres cubed per hour to keep condensation away. There‘s an overrun timer to keep the fan running for a set period after the light’s turned off.

Best value

Xpelair 93225AW Extractor Fan

(Image credit: Xpelair)

Xpelair 93225AW Extractor Fan (opens in new tab)

Grill-style design

A low-cost solution to a steamy bathroom, this model can be fitted in the wall or the ceiling. It is a single-speed fan and can be set to keep doing its job for between 30 seconds and 30 minutes after the light is extinguished, depending on how much use your room sees. The look’s traditional with an open grill.

Best for big families

Envirovent SIL100T Extractor Fan

(Image credit: Envirovent)

Envirovent SIL100T Extractor Fan (opens in new tab)

Extracts 96 metres cubed per hour

When there are lots of you showering one after another every morning, installing a fan with a high extraction rate is a sound strategy. This model delivers with a rate of 96 metres cubed per hour, and it’s very quiet at 26.5 decibels, too. It has a run-on timer you can adjust but, used in automatic mode, it calculates how long to operate according to the duration of the fan’s use.

Best looking design

STERR Bathroom Extractor Fan

(Image credit: STERR)

STERR Bathroom Extractor Fan (opens in new tab)

Sleek lines

A bathroom fan may be a must-have, but that doesn’t mean it has to be utilitarian. This glass-fronted design looks smart and will complement a contemporary bathroom. It’s quiet at 27 decibels and extracts 90 metres cubed per hour.

Best with humidity sensor

AirTech-UK Bathroom Extractor Fan ES-100H

(Image credit: AirTech-UK)

AirTech-UK Bathroom Extractor Fan ES-100H (opens in new tab)

Stylish finish

This good-looking fan has a humidistat and turns on automatically when the humidity reaches a certain level. It’s therefore ideal for a room where you don’t necessarily want the light on in order for the fan to be in operation. It will make more noise than others in our selection with a maximum level of 44 decibels, but it’s powerful with an extraction of 94 metres cubed per hour.

Best for low noise

Xpelair Extractor Fan-Humidistat C4HTR

(Image credit: Xpelair)

Xpelair Extractor Fan-Humidistat C4HTR (opens in new tab)

Two speed settings

If you wake your partner in the night when you visit the en suite, this design could be the solution. It promises a noise level of just 16 decibels to avoid disturbing the peace. It has two extraction speeds, and you can make your selection to suit the use level of your room when you install it. It has an attractive round shape as well.

Steam free

A bathroom fan will make the conditions of your bathroom more pleasant and put a stop to health issues caused by condensation. The Manrose QF100T Extractor Fan (opens in new tab) is quiet in operation, has a run-on timer, and is very reasonably priced.

If you have a big household, the Envirovent SIL100T Extractor Fan (opens in new tab) has a high extraction rate to keep up with one showerer after another. The automatic run on could also help you maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the room.  

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