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Best hedge shears

Hedge shears
(Image credit: Skitterphoto via Pexels)

Having to maintain and cut back your hedgerow is no one's idea of a fun job. But it can be made easier by having the right tools. Hedge shears are a staple item in any landscapers toolbox and which pair you choose can make a massive difference not only to your productivity but the look you achieve. 

When it comes to buying a pair of hedge shears you need to look at factors such as the size, weight, cutting capacity, ease of use and the maintenance levels to determine which is best for you and your needs. 

We’ve put together the best hedge shears to help you maintain your hedges leave your garden looking picture perfect. 

Best overall

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Davaon Pro

Let these shears do all the hard work

These shears were designed with reduced effort in mind, they have an efficient geared cutting mechanism which is ideal for longer hedge pruning tasks.

These shears are made with rust-resistant SK5 carbon steel and the wavy blades help to slice through hedges offering a uniformed finish. The Davaon Pro shears weigh a mere 820g which will help to reduce arm fatigue but still have the power to tackle tough gardening tasks. 

These shears are strong enough to last for years. 

Best multicutter

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Roamwild multi-cutter

Tackle more jobs with just one tool

These hedge cutters also double up as a bypass lopper and tree pruning saw meaning you can tackle more jobs in the garden without the need for multiple tools. 

This telescopic and super lightweight tool extends to just over 4 feet and weighs a mere 2.8lbs. The extending hedge shears can cut any branch up to 6mm thick whilst the bypass telescopic loppers can cut thick branches up to 1" / 25mm thick. Also included in this one tool is a high tree branch cutting pruning saw that can cut branches up to 3" / 75mm thick. The blades are made from chrome vanadium and Teflon coated for long-lasting quality. 

Best teloscopic

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Wilkinson Sword telescopic hedge shear

Reach new heights with these telescopic hedge shears

Not all hedges are within arms reach which is why we rate these Wilkinson Sword telescopic hedge shears. 

These lightweight shears have aluminium handles with soft grips which extend from 380mm to 560mm giving an overall length when extended of 875mm and 680mm when not extended. 

Unlike many cheaper versions, these shears have a level and lock mechanism to protect you against them collapsing whilst in use. It benefits from 205mm non-stick coated wavy blades for easier cutting. 

Best budget

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AB Tools Heavy Duty Hedge Shears

Quality shears at a low price

These high-quality hedge shears have been manufactured with 8” sharp carbon steel blades with adjusting screw and feel as though they’re more expensive than their reasonable price tag. 

They have tubular steel handles with comfort grips finished in high visibility yellow. The total length of these shears is 21.5” and the longer handles make them easy to use and as they’re not heavy, you won’t suffer from arm fatigue when cutting your hedges. 

Best ergonomic

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GRÜNTEK Hedge Shears

Let the shears take the strain

Sturdy blades alongside an ergonomic and comfortable handle make these GRÜNTEK hedge shears ideal for all types of gardeners. The blades are made from high quality Japanese SK5 steel and are double Teflon coated with an anti-stick coating so your tool keeps sharp and cuts through wood with ease.

The main benefit of these shears is the ergonomically shaped handles, they’re slightly curved so it provides a comfortable grip for both small and larger hands. They also have built-in shock absorbers to help reduce the strain while working.

Best classic style

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Gardena Classic Hedge Clippers 540

Old school shears for precision

If you’re looking for a perfectly cut hedge then these Gardena classic hedge clippers can work with large hedges and shrubs quickly and precisely. They have non-stick coated blades that allow for an exact cut and includes an integrated branch cutter to help with quick shortening of branches.

The handles are made from wood and are designed to fit the human hand perfectly. The blades on these shears are 23cm long giving the overall length of 54cm.

Which shears made the cut?

We love how the Davaon Pro takes the strain with super sharp carbon steel blades to help slice through stems and branches easily, whilst the soft anti-slip grips provide extra comfort. These shears are perfect for hedges, bushes, and grass and weigh in at just 820g making it ideal for both vertical and horizontal cutting. 

The Roamwild multi-cutter is also another must-have for your tool collection. The three in one function saves so much time as you don’t need to keep stopping and switching tools when undertaking multiple garden tasks. It’s also ultra-sharp and lightweight making it a comfortable tool to use for longer periods of time.