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Best gaming desks

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Up your game with these gaming desk setups! These desks will let you reach vital gaming controls quickly, with a minimum of strain and a maximum of efficiency 

Best Overall

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Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

This desk will keep you organized and safe

Serious gamers will appreciate this setup. The Z-shaped frame, which is easy to assemble, keeps the surface very stable for your most intense gaming moments. Cables can easily be organized to prevent chipping the desk. All your accessories will fit easily. It even comes with a cup holder, a stand for your controllers, and a hook for your headphones, so you can keep everything neat and tidy.

Best Aesthetics

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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

A pretty desk with a powerful setup

 The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is also designed for serious gamers and e-sport players, and it has bright and unique colours to keep you going through long playing sessions. The gaming surface is an expansive 1.6 meters, allowing for lots of room for consoles and monitors — there is room to put up to three on the desk — along with accessories.

Best Comfort

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Couchmaster Cycon

This desk is a comfortable ride

The Couchmaster Cycon will keep you comfortable while you’re gaming. Note that it’s a lap desk, not a full desk, but it gives you the ability to sit wherever you wish. The desk is made from leather and microfibre for added comfort, and there is storage space to put your cords and other accessories away to keep the surface clear.

Best Verstaility

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Millhouse Computer Desk

A minimalist experience

 The Millhouse is minimalist - but that is the point. You’ll have the ultimate ability to customize your gaming experience with this desk, between its large surface and the room on the sides to clamp on your favourite gaming devices. This desk is best for the DIY crowd, however, as there are no built-in slots for headphones, drink holders, or anything else.

Bottom line

The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk has the best fit for ergonomics and many slots for your devices, giving you the room to game away for hours. The desk even has a slight tilt to make it more ergonomic for long hours. The added drinks cup is a godsend too, as it stops you from spilling on your desk.

If you are looking to play on your comfy sofa then maybe the Couchmaster Cycon would be best for you. The padding and support make it extremely easy to use a keyboard and mouse, or a laptop in comfort.

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