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Best drying racks

Best drying racks
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Drying racks are a must-have item for every kitchen because even though washing by hand may be a thing of the past thanks to the invention of the dishwasher, there are always a few items that still need the personal treatment. There’s a wide range of drying racks now available, from ones that foldaway through to over the sink solutions. And drying racks don’t have to be an eyesore, you can purchase ones that combine functionality with good design. We’ve put together a guide of the best drying racks to suit any kitchen. 

Best overall

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Erreke dish drying rack (opens in new tab)

An extendable solution for spaces large and small

This drying rack has been designed for kitchens large and small. You can save space by folding it down to just 29cm or if you have a lot of washing up to dry it can extend up to 46cm. It has room for a variety of crockery, including plates, bowls, mugs, and glasses. 

You won’t find stray puddles of water with this drainer either as the spout drains directly into the sink. You can make sure this drying rack stays clean and hygienic as this drainer comes apart to allow for cleaning. The rack is made from stainless steel and has non-slip feet to ensure it’s both safe and durable. 

Best spacesaver

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Niceliving over the sink rack (opens in new tab)

Use your space better with this space saving drying rack

If you’re lacking rooms but still need a space to dry your dishes then the Niceliving drying rack is perfect. It simply sits over your sink which promotes extra air-flow to result in quicker drying times. It has a handy built-in utensil caddy and plenty of space for the rest of your washing up. 

Best basic

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simplywire - black dish drainer (opens in new tab)

Simple but chic and even more importantly, effective

Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy, just a basic item that does the job. This simplywire drying rack has a removable utensil basket so you can create a bit of extra space as needed. It comes in a plain black design but is made from robust steel and coated in an anti-rust plastic to keep it looking fresh for longer. 

Best for large households

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Kingrack 2 tier dish rack (opens in new tab)

Load more on to this two tier rack

If you’re looking for a quality drying rack that is suitable for a large household, the Kingrack can handle it. This drying rack has two tiers that will fit plates, saucepans and bowls with ease. The sides have special compartments to store your chopping board, mugs and glasses as well as a raised utensil rack. It benefits from a removable drip tray that includes a flexible drainage system so you won’t ever have to worry about water pooling on your worktop.  

Best for kids

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Brainstorm toys B1500 (opens in new tab)

A space to be creative

Big ideas start small so this A4 magnetic whiteboard is perfect for children who are ready to unleash their creativity. It can be used with dry-wipe pens and magnets. Because of its compact size, it’s also great when you’re on the move. 

Best over the sink

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Kingrack drying rack (opens in new tab)

Perfect for small homes or apartments

When counter-space is at a premium, the Kingrack over sink drying rack allows you to dry your dishes without taking up valuable space.   It’s easy to assemble and made from premium steel that is not only durable but also anti-rust. You can dry all your dishes and utensils on this rack, and there’s even a handy space for your washing up liquid and sponges. It has suction cups attached to keep it secure and in place, so it’s perfectly safe to use. 

The bottom line

Investing in a good drying rack that will dry your dishes without leaving pools of water all over your worktop is a must for any kitchen. Whether you have limited space or you want something to accommodate a large household, there’s a drying rack out there for you. We think the Erreke dish drying rack (opens in new tab) is great since it folds away and extends making it perfect for all spaces. 

The Kingrack 2 tier dish rack (opens in new tab) is another excellent choice. With specified space for every item in your kitchen, this drying rack is ideal if you have a lot of dishes to wash on a daily basis. It’s also guaranteed to keep your space fresh and clean thanks to its built-in 360-degree drainage system.