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Best DNA ancestry testing kit

Best DNA ancestry testing kit
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These best DNA ancestry testing kits will help you discover your origin story. Our world is a diverse place and through technology, you can come to appreciate history, anthropology and other fields of social science that make up what humanity is. 

Best Overall

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Ancestry DNA

Large database of users

As tests go, luckily you don't have to study for this one. All you need to do is spit into a plastic vial and send your sample to AncestryDNA with a prepaid envelope. Your results will typically come back within a month with ethnicity estimates and DNA matches up to the eighth cousin level. Ancestry DNA also has records going back to the 1600s, but to get to those records you'll have to pay.

Best Genetic Focus

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23andMe DNA Test

Lots of health data

23andMe focuses on your risk of hereditary diseases such as Alzheimer's, so be sure you're prepared for the results. The package includes two kits with a test about your ancestry and your genetic makeup, and also a set of more than 100 health reports. Results may not be fully accurate, but it does give you a sense of how to plan for any health risks.

Best Information

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MyHeritage DNA

Full ancestry profile

MyHeritage allows users to create and display their free family trees to potential matches, allowing you to gather information online. The test kit will give you an ethnicity profile including ancestors from 42 regions. The information is displayed on a map that will show you where your ancestors once made their living. Records are only available with a paid membership so be aware of that before you buy.

Best Health Focus

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This will help you develop a healthy lifestyle

TellMeGen is a joint ancestry and health DNA test, but more emphasis is put on health features. For example, their forums have doctors that give out medical and nutrition advice based on your DNA profile. Be prepared to wait for these results, however, as the headquarters are in Spain and it may take several weeks or months to receive results.

Bottom line

Ancestry DNA is your best bet for learning about your genetic history, given its fast access, its extensive records, and its popularity. The DNA testing will help you make informed choices about your lifestyle and also, your personal history. 

Getting information about your family history will only take a few weeks, and Ancestry DNA pledges to keep your results updated and to tell you your ancestor migration roots as far back as 10 generations. You'll be able to make more informed lifestyle choices with this information.

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