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Best disposable dinnerware

Best disposable dinnerware
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Disposable dinnerware is great for picnics and working with small children. Happily, dinnerware today is often good for the environment. You'll also get a break on washing up, for once. We pick a range of different dinnerware ideas, from the elegant to the simple. The Fuyit Disposable Tableware Set cleverly balances durability and ease of use, making it our top pick.

Best overall

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Fuyit Disposable Tableware Set

Biodegradable, durable and easy to use

The Fuyit Disposable Tableware Set is eco-friendly, since it is made from sugarcane fibre and cornstarch. So you will have no guilt serving this strong dinnerware to your guests. The plates and cutlery are extremely durable, and can even be popped in the freezer or microwave if you need it.

The dinnerware is certified for food safety guidelines and will easily compost in municipal or commercial settings. Best yet, there are so many of these dinnerware items that you can serve up to 25 guests at a time.

Best design

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Earth's Dreams Dinnerware Set

Beautiful gold colours add a touch of elegance to your meal

The Earth's Dreams Dinnerware Set has beautiful gold features that make your disposable dining experience both elegant and simple. The plastic is highly durable and will stand up to cutting food and moving about. You'll be glad to use this dinnerware for parties like weddings or graduations, as it comfortably serves up to 25 people.

Best durability

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VNSG Premium Plastic Disposable Dinnerware Set

This disposable dinnerware may be washed for more than use

The VNSG Premium Plastic Disposable Dinnerware Set has highly durable plastic. It's so durable that it resists bending and even water, allowing you to wash it for more than one use. The beautiful solid rose gold plastic silverware and plastic dinner plates add a touch of elegance for parties up to 25 guests.

Best value

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Only the Finest Dinnerware Set

Add a touch of elegance to your meal, with some reusability

The Only the Finest Dinnerware Set has simple dishes that can stand up to a lot of punishment, including multiple washings. The BPA-free plastic will protect you from long-term materials exposure that could hurt your health. You can serve up to 25 people at a time, and the company says the serving ware looks so good you may even want to showcase it on Instagram or your favourite social media feed.

Bottom line

We choose the Fuyit Disposable Tableware Set for its durability and range of options, including putting the dinnerware in the microwave, in the freezer or even on a hot plate. It is an eco-friendly set, featuring sugarcane fibre and cornstarch. You can easily serve up to 25 people with no worries about burdening the environment.

The dinnerware meets food safety guidelines. You can also compost it in most municipalities or commercial settings. The tableware set is good for all kinds of foods and is a quick way of getting a meal out to guests, especially children who get hungry often.

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