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Best dish rack

best dish rack
(Image credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

The best dish rack simply arranges your clean dishes in a way that allows water to drain, so they dry quickly. You have a variety of options, ranging from a simple dish rack that sits beside your sink to one that can go above your sink or even rolled across. You can choose any of these must-have designs from our comprehensive list. 

Staff pick

Decdeal dish rack

(Image credit: Decdeal)

Decdeal two-tier dish rack

Lots of space

The best dish rack is this two-tier, chrome-plated alloy option that has more than enough space to dry your washed dinnerware. The top tier can hold up to 17 plates, while the bottom tier can hold up to 18 bowls. It has a special rack for cutlery and a rack to dry your chopping board. There's also a drip tray to catch the water as it falls.


Bellemain dish rack

(Image credit: Bellemain)

Bellemain folding bamboo disk rack

Folds away when not in use

This bamboo dish rack is big enough for a full dinner load and can be folded away when it's not in use. It's designed to hold up to 14 plates and up to 10 glasses, mugs, and cups. The bamboo is sturdy and naturally resistant to stains, odors, and bacteria. 

For small kitchens

Kingrack dish rack

(Image credit: Kingrack)

Kingrack over sink drying rack

Space-efficient design

This dish rack is designed to fit over the sink, so it takes up less space and is ideal for smaller kitchens. It's free-standing but sturdy, with special places to dry your chopping board, cutlery, sponges, and dishes. It will fit sinks of 82 centimetres long and 32 centimetres wide or less. 

Best budget

Addis dish rack

(Image credit: Addis)

Addis dish draining rack

Affordable dish draining

This great value rack will help your dishes dry easily, and comes in three colour options. It can hold eight dishes and has space for a few bowls or cups beside it, plus a separate section for cutlery. Its clever design will help water flow out to keep everything dry. 

Flexible option

Sorbusi dish rack

(Image credit: Sorbusi)

Sorbus roll-up dish drying rack

Multipurpose tool

This dish rack fits over your kitchen sink and can be rolled up when it's not being used. The water will drip directly into the sink, and drying time is quicker because more air can get to your dishes. Plus, it doubles-up as a safe place to stand hot pots since it's made from heat-resistant silicone. 

Speed-up drying with a dish rack

The best dish rack has plenty of space for all your clean dishes, which all the options above do. Our favourite selection is the Decdeal two-tier dish rack - but you may also like the similar bamboo one from Bellemain

If space is an issue, consider an over the sink rack like this one from Kingrack, or the rollable option from Sorbus that goes over the sink itself. For a cheap option, the Addis dish rack will get the job done.