Best Computer Speakers

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Speaker preferences vary from person to person, as it depends on your rig, set up and the space restrictions of your home or apartment — not to mention your budget. We've broken down this list to include some more affordable and compact options and round things out with some premium sound solutions.

Editor's pick

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Creative Sound BlasterX Katana

Low profile soundbar

Creative is a familiar brand to anyone who enjoys top-quality, and the Sound BlasterX Katana is a fantastic companion device for any gaming or media setup. It features great sound from a soundbar which takes up less room than traditional speakers, as well as a 5-driver system. 

Staff favorite

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Bose Companion 2 Series III

Small & Mighty

If you want excellent sound quality and value, then you want Bose. You too can have room-filling, immersive sound, so Bose says in every advertisement. These speakers have auxiliary inputs so you can hook your phone or tablet in for great sound, as well as featuring volume controls on the front where they're easy to reach. 

Stellar surround sound

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Logitech Z906

5.1 Beast

These Logitech speakers have 500 watts of power to knock your socks off, and they have a detailed control console for reign over all aspects of your sound. With Dolby 5.1 surround sound you'll also be able to feel like you're right in the middle of the action, even though you're sitting at your desk. 

Best for gamers

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Razer Nommo Pro

Gamers Paradise

Razer produces some rock-solid headsets and the company's Nommo Pro 2.1 sound system is just as good with rich audio and full bass that doesn't drown out. It also features Dolby 5.1 surround sound, a downward subwoofer and an LED illuminated control pod. 

Super versatile

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Audioengine A2+

Premium sound

Audioengine A2+ delivers surprisingly great sound, with a size that makes it an excellent fit for your desktop setup or placed on a bookshelf across the room.  They can connect to your computer, phone, tablet and more, as well as being set up and ready to use in moments. It features USB audio inputs, variable audio output, a subwoofer connection and more! 

Bottom line

Depending on your budget, you'll be able to pick up some killer speakers for any PC. If you don't mind having a soundbar on your desk under your display(s), the Sound BlasterX Katana from Creative is an exceptional audio package. Whether you're on the desktop or a couch in front of a TV, the Katana produces some killer sounds and looks the part without going over the top. There are numerous inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, and even stylish RGB lighting.

If you want to save a little, the Bose Companion 2 Series III offers incredible levels of value and won't break the bank. While not the best speaker solution on our list, Bose offers some high-quality audio with this compact 2.0.