Best Coding Toys

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Young technology-enthusiasts can explore the coding world with the help of program-based toys. These STEM toys seek to introduce computer fundamentals, so the basics of that unique language can be learned. They are fun, foundational tools that offer children the opportunity to engage in a field that can spark their interest. There are a variety of coding toys, but the best option on the market is the Botley the Coding Robot. This cute little machine seeks to build a strong coding foundation, including looping commands and more. And there’s no screentime involved!

Best Overall

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Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Learn STEM skills without a screen

Code Botley for up to 120 steps, watch him use smart logic to avoid objects in his path, and more with this 77 piece activity set


  • 77 pieces included for tons of fun
  • No screen time required
  • Botley has activities for kids as young as 5


  • Not a great toy for sharing

Plenty of people say that the amount of time kids spend looking at a screen should be limited. This concern can make it challenging to try and encourage STEM learning at a young age. Botley, the Coding Robot, aims to bridge that gap by delivering a fun STEM learning experience that never requires any interaction with a screen to play. Kids can learn coding basics, using looping commands, watch Botley follow black lines you lay out for him and plenty more. 

This activity set comes with 77 different pieces that your kids can play with as they learn. These include tiles with black lines for Botley to follow, robot arms, 40 coding tiles, and even a guide with a starter coding guide. There is also a remote that kids can use when controlling Botley and even hidden challenges they can uncover as they play. 

Botley the Coding Robot delivers everything you want to encourage STEM learning from your kids while they play. The fact that you don't need any fancy tech -or a screen at all- makes this toy even easier to snag for families that are on a budget. With tons of pieces, there is also a high replay value for kids, allowing children as young as 5 to start learning the fundamentals of coding. 

Best Value

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Code Master

Programming becomes a board game

Use programming logic to complete 60 different levels, each with a single sequence that will solve the puzzle you are looking at.


  • 60 different levels to play through
  • Teaches planning, sequential reasoning, and problem-solving skills
  • Uses offline approach to teach coding basics


  • Directions may be unclear to some players
  • Completely offline approach may not appeal to everyone

Getting kids interested in STEM in general, and coding, in particular, isn't always an easy task. Code Master aims to make it easier by delivering a fun and affordable board game. It uses methods like sequential reasoning and problem-solving skills to get kids interested. It's also great to see a board game built for a single player, making it an excellent choice for the STEM-minded only child in your life. 

The game of Code Master has you using your avatar to travel an exotic world filled with crystals. Each level requires a specific sequence to complete the puzzle. You'll win when you figure out the right sequence and collect all of the crystals, and there are 60 different levels to play through. They start quite simple and then become progressively more complicated along the way, delivering a great experience that helps you to learn as you play. 

Best Robot

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Sphero SPRK+

Have fun while you learn to program

Go from beginner to pro as you use this spherical robot to learn how to program!


  • Shell is clear, durable, water and scratch-resistant 
  • Teaches beginner to pro-level programming
  • Sphero app gives you a variety of options for how to learn


  • Only has 60 minutes of battery life 
  • Long charging time

Trying to learn how to code or program used to be a highly frustrating endeavor. However, now you can use an app on your phone to do it by playing with Sphero SPRK+. This little robot inside a sphere is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and can teach you how to program whether you're just getting started, or already a pro. You can run programs from the app, or using your new know-how to build your own instructions telling Sphero what to do.

Programming comes in three forms, and you can use Javascript, draw and drive commands or scratch blocks that tell Sphero how to respond. The way the app is set up, there is a progression in learning, so your kids are never confused about what comes next. Command your robot to follow a specific path, drive through a maze, and plenty more. With the Sphero Edu app, there is plenty to learn and have fun with, in the process.

Best Activity Set

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Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Make coding a visual activity

Use Go Robot to learn coding with guided coding exercises, a mechanical mouse, multiple maze solutions, and screen-free coding fundamentals.


  • Uses tactile learning to teach coding basics
  • Lights and sounds help kids to know when they're on the right track
  • 83 different pieces included


  • Not suggested for children younger than four due to choking hazards
  • Recommended for one child at a time

Activity sets deliver the ability for kids to learn STEM skills without even realizing it. These sets provide tons of fun with active educational elements that use games to help kids learn the basics of coding and programming. The Go Robot Mouse Activity Set uses visual and tactile learning to help kids understand coding as they complete mazes. It makes learning easier for kids as the sounds and lights are used to get them interested and keep them that way. 

This activity set comes with 83 different pieces. These include 30 coding cards, 25 maze pieces, 16 grid pieces, 10 activity cards, one robot mouse, one cheese wedge, and an activity guide. Kids use the coding cards to build a maze and then input coding commands for their mouse to follow. Since the goal is always to get your mouse over to the piece of cheese in each maze, and there are multiple ways to complete mazes, it also offers up plenty of replay value. 

Bottom line

Kiddos with an interest in computers, or just science in general, will love trying their hand at coding with programmable toys. Our diverse STEM toy collection offers different user experiences, but they all open the door to the same wonderful, complex world of computers. The best coding toy by far is Botley the Coding Robot.

This adorable robot approaches coding at a fundamental level, introducing the basics in an entertaining way. And, as a bonus, it’s free from screens. This miniature machine comes in a 77-piece set to give children a well-rounded and fun coding experience.