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Best cat carriers

Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier
(Image credit: Pet Magasin)

Taking your cat to the vet for annual vaccinations, a check-up, or a health concern can be a stressful event for you and your feline. The same is true if you’re moving to a new home, or have to take your cat on a trip. To cut down on the anxiety, you need the perfect carrier to suit your cat and you. And we've collected the best options available. 

Best overall

AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Kennel

(Image credit: AmazonBasics )

AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Kennel (opens in new tab)

Sturdy case

There’s a choice of top or front access to this design, which can make loading a reluctant feline traveller a smoother event. The carrier has plastic sides that latch together, a spring-loaded wire front door, and a top door that opens in both directions. It also comes with screws if you want to reinforce the entire frame.

Best for colour

Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

(Image credit: Pet Magasin)

Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier (opens in new tab)

Holds up to 9 kilograms

This smart carrier should please you as well as your kitty. The design has three mesh windows for airflow. The material is waterproof, so it resists stains and allows simple cleaning. It can be collapsed right down for storage at home.

Best for long car journeys

Catit Cabrio Carrier

(Image credit: Catit)

Catit Cabrio Carrier (opens in new tab)

Can be secured with a seat belt

Slide-out bowls permit you to give your cat food and water without opening the door on a long trip with this design. The integrated handle allows the seatbelt to fit through to keep the carrier secure on the car seat. It has a skid-resistant bottom, and there’s a collection gutter for any urine or spilled food.

Best for comfort

Morpilot Pet Carrier Bag

(Image credit: Morpilot)

Morpilot Pet Carrier Bag (opens in new tab)

Lightweight bag

A soft removable and washable mat will help make your cat feel comfortable on the move in this bag. It features breathable mesh at the top and sides for good air circulation. You can carry it with the top handles, but there’s an over-shoulder strap as well.

Best expandable pick

OMORC Cat Carrier

(Image credit: OMORC)

OMORC Cat Carrier (opens in new tab)

Dual-sided inner pad

A cooler surface backed with a softer warmer one on the detachable interior pad of this carrier allows you to adjust to the weather conditions. Expandable sides mean extra room can be created when you’re en route. Access is via the top or front. 

Best for short trips

Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Carrier

(Image credit: Pet Magasin)

Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Carrier (opens in new tab)

Hard top and base

This neat and futuristic-looking carrier provides all the space a cat needs for a trip to the vet, and good protection, too. When not in use, the walls fold in so you can zip the top and bottom together for storage. Breathable mesh on the door and sides lets your cat see the world and get fresh air.

Bottom line

A good cat carrier is a must for safe travel with your feline companion, whether it’s down the road to the vet or many miles. The AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Kennel (opens in new tab) is a sturdy model. The choice of front or top access can make getting your cat on board less stressful.

If you have to take your cat on an extended journey in the car, the Catit Cabrio Carrier (opens in new tab) creates access to tend to your pet without opening the door. Designed so a seatbelt fits through the handle, it will stay in place on the car seat while you’re moving.

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