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Best car phone mount

Best car phone mount
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Car phone mounts are essential for your safety as you navigate the road. Whether you need to take a call using a Bluetooth headset or to follow directions using GPS, you will need the mount to keep your phone safe and secure during driving. We pick the mounts below based on a combination of safety, durability and affordability. The Yosh Car Phone Mount Holder is the best overall choice due to its balance of durability with ease of use.

Best overall

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Yosh Car Phone Mount Holder

Strong magnets make this easy to attach and use

The Yosh Car Phone Mount Holder includes four powerful N50 magnets to hold on to your phone or other devices, like a GPS, so you can easily clip it into the car ventilator for use. Special anti-scratch rubber keeps the air vent and the phone from any scratches, while heat resistance will keep your phone components safe. When your car is parked, you can easily grab the phone with one hand to take a call or to check your directions.

The design of the holder is subtle, yet powerful, and will not interfere with your line-of-sight on the road. The holder is also compatible with a wide variety of cars and phones, meaning you will likely have little issue getting equipped for your next drive.

Best versatility

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Beikell Adjustable Car Phone Holder Mount

This holder will tilt and move the phone according to your needs

The Beikell Adjustable Car Phone Holder Mount has a convenient extendable arm that will put your phone in a variety of positions, whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode to view directions or perform hands-free functions. A convenient lock-and-release functionality makes it easy to remove your phone when you're safely parked, to use the phone for other purposes besides driving assistance. Heat resistance and suction cups will keep both your phone and car safe from any damage.

Best value

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PopSockets Car Vent Handsfree Mount

This simple design will work with most phones and cars

The PopSockets Car Vent Handsfree Mount is an excellent minimalist solution to keeping your phone safe and secure while driving. It clips into your air vent and includes a holder that should work with most major brands, including in landscape and portrait modes. You can even get other colours if you want to better match your car interior.

Best installation

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Arteck Car Mount

Simply mount this device on your dashboard and you are set to go

The Arteck Car Mount has one of the simplest designs for installing the mount itself; stick it to a convenient spot on your dashboard, and you're good to go. It's lightweight, and when you want to store it, it should fit easily in the glove box or glove compartment. The mount has near-universal compatibility with major smartphone brands, assuring it won't leave you stranded.

Bottom line

Our pick is the Yosh Car Phone Mount Holder thanks to its sleek design and ease of use. Magnets will keep the phone or GPS device easily attached to the holder, which clips in like a snap to your car ventilator. There's no fear of damage to your phone or your car thanks to anti-scratch rubber and heat resistance within the mount holder, meaning you can drive for long periods with no worries.

The strong magnets will not interfere with your ability to pull the phone off the holder when safely parked, so you can keep up with messages or verify directions. When in use, you'll barely notice the holder is there, and its position will stay safely out of your sight when you need to focus on the road.

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