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Best burr grinders

Best burr grinder
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We know that instant coffee can be delicious and of course, convenient. But if you’re going to start your day with an exceptionally good cup of coffee, the best way to do it is to grind your own beans in a burr grinder. The majority of the aroma and taste from coffee beans can be found in the essential oils of the bean itself. So grinding coffee beans is the best way to make sure you get the full richness and flavour from your cup of Joe. And that means you’re going to need a quality burr grinder to do it. Whatever your coffee tastes and whatever your budget, we’ve put together a list of the best burr grinders that will deserve a place in your kitchen.  

Best overall

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Sage the dose control pro grinder

A host of different grind settings to find your perfect cup of java

The Sage dose control pro burr grinder delivers a consistent dose each time you grind your beans resulting in the perfect cup of coffee every time. It has 60 different settings that are explicitly designed to maximise the flavour. 

From espresso to French press, this machine will make sure your grind is precisely the right texture for your needs. It’s made from stainless steel which minimises heat to protect the bean. 

Best budget

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Krups Coffee Mill

Good coffee doesn’t need to cost a lot

The Krups coffee mill is a powerful little machine that has twin stainless steel blades for even grinding of the beans. It has an added safety switch for extra security which means that it won’t work unless the lid is locked into place, making it safe to leave on the side whilst your kids are around. It has a good-sized grinding capacity holding up to 75g of coffee beans which has a yield of roughly 15 cups of coffee. It can also be used to grind dry spices, so it’s a really versatile grinder. 

Best splurge

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Sage BCG820BSSUK the smart grinder

Grind like a pro

If you want a professional cup of coffee, then you’ll need a burr grinder that can measure up to professional standards. With the smart grinder pro, you can use the pre-programmed settings to grind your beans to the desired consistency from espresso to drip filter coffee. The LCD display will show you all you need to know, including the grind setting, how long the grind will take and how many cups you’re grinding for. This burr grinder also lets you grind directly into a container of your choice or into a filter for use straight away. 

Best manual

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Manual Coffee Grinder

Earn your coffee and grind by hand

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen or you want to a grinder to take with you when you travel, this manual coffee grinder can help you enjoy a brew wherever you may be. Small and compact, it has a manual crank that will produce either course, medium or fine grain coffee. Because it’s manual, it’s quiet to use and can also be used for grinding other items such as rice, spices or soya beans. 

Best portable

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Bodum 11160-01

Being on the move shouldn’t keep you away from good coffee

This compact burr grinder has a stainless steel cutting blade that will help you to achieve your desired coarseness with ease. The transparent lid lets you keep an eye on things so you gauge how fine or coarse you’d like your beans to be. It can be used in bursts of 60 seconds, and each machine produces around 8 cups of coffee. 

The bottom line

You’re not really serious about coffee until you get yourself a coffee burr grinder. The Sage the dose control pro grinder is the ideal solution if you want to protect the essential oils in the coffee beans and produce the perfect cup time and time again. 

The Krups coffee mill is also another machine that will ensure that you never have a bad cup of coffee again. It’s sleek and compact with the ability to produce grinds for up to 15 cups of coffee. It’s easy to use with no fancy bells and whistles just perfect coffee with one push of a button.