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Best bath bombs

Best bath bombs
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Bath bombs can turn boring bath time into one that’s fun and uplifting. Whether you choose your bath bomb because you appreciate seeing a swirl of pretty colours in your tub or because you enjoy the range of scents they come in, they are essential for any bath. And they don’t just look and smell great. They can also help with the relaxation process by turning the water into a soothing haven you’ll never want to leave. We’ve put together a list of our favourite bath bombs to help you make your bath better with each fizz. 

Best overall

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Homasy bath bombs

A range of bath bombs to upgrade your bath

This 12 piece bath bomb set comes in a variety of scents and colours to suit every mood. The scents include orange, coconut, Victoria’s secret, chamomile and rose. They are made using pure essential oils, sea salt, shea butter, and coconut oil, so you’ll get out of the bath feeling relaxed, refreshed and moisturised. The colouring is all-natural too so it won’t stain your skin or bathtub.   

Best for dry skin

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Aofmee bath bombs

Treat your skin with these luxury bath bombs

These bath bombs are handcrafted and come in six quirky designs. Made with cocoa and shea butter as well as pure grade essential oils, they will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. They are also loaded with Vitamins A, E and F. Perfect for any occasion, these would make a great gift as well as an extra special treat for yourself. 

Best for relaxation

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Fancymay bath bombs

Infused with essential oils to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed

The Fancymay bath bombs add a colourful fizz to your bath time. They come in four relaxing and refreshing scents including lavender, rose, rosemary and lemon. Just one of these bath bombs in your bath and you’ll get out feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the spa because they’re handmade using natural, organic and moisturising ingredients. 

Best vegan friendly

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Tranquil beauty bath bombs

Enjoy a bath with these natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly bombs

This set of 8 bath bombs are individually wrapped so they are fresher and keep their scent longer. They each have a gorgeous scent including rose, lavender, mint and coconut. They made using vegan certified paraben so you can relax knowing your bombs are vegan friendly and cruelty-free. They are the perfect way to unwind after a busy day. 

Best for large tubs

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Bombe la la la

Keep the fizz for longer

Whether you have a large bath or you just like your bath bombs to fizz for longer, these ultra-large bath bombs from Bombe la la la will do the job. They are made using pure essential oils, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil and are perfect for anyone who has sensitive or dry skin. They are about the size of a tennis ball, so ideal for long soaks in the tub. 

Best colour

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Unicorn poo bath bombs

Make your bath more magical

These may be a little bit cheeky, but they will turn your bath water from bland and boring to magical unicorn colours in no time. They are raspberry scented so you’ll go about the rest of your day smelling sweet. They come in a pack of ten, and each bath bomb weighs around 15 grams so they’ll dissolve quickly. 

The bottom line

Who doesn’t love a good soak in the bath? And it’s even better when you add a bath bomb. The Homasy bath bombs are the best way to brighten up your bath time. We love the range of colours and scents they come in so whatever mood your in, there’s a bath bomb to match.

The Bombe la la la bath bombs are also another must-have for your bath times.  They are packed full of goodness thanks to the natural oils and kinds of butter used to create them. They look fantastic too, and if you’re thinking of buying them as a git, they come in a gorgeous gift box with each ball carefully wrapped in tissue paper so giving off Parisian chic vibes.