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Best ankle brace

best ankle brace
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Finding the right ankle brace can make all the difference if you’ve experienced an injury or your ankle is weak from previous trauma. When you’re hunting around for a brace, it’s important to look at all aspects such as support, material, and if it suits your individual condition. Ankle braces can be used to ease pain whether you’ve sprained ankle or have tendonitis, Achilles tendon pain, and more. We’ve looked at the best ankle braces on the market and have compiled a guide to help you pick the best one.

Best overall

best ankle brace

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WASPO ankle support brace (opens in new tab)

Support for a variety of different ailments

This ankle brace is a good all-round option for a variety of different conditions such as sprains, arthritis, muscle fatigue, and much more. The silicone material feels comfortable but not too tight as well as remaining breathable. It’s great for using whilst being active, and you can even use it with socks and shoes on. 

Best for extra support

best extra firm ankle brace

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Elastoplast extra firm ankle brace (opens in new tab)

An ankle brace that will provide support and protection

Perfect for those who do sports, this ankle brace provides support for existing injuries and protection from further strain. It’s easy to slip on and feels comfortable in shoes. The brace has an adjustable strap to ensure that you get a customized fit. It can also be used for the left or right ankle. 

Best for sports

best ankle brace overall

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Modetro sports ankle brace (opens in new tab)

Maximum support for all-day comfort

This ankle brace offers the ultimate in relief and protection against sports injuries as well as ailments such as arthritis and plantar fasciitis. The fit is extremely snug, so you’ll find doing any activity a breeze whilst using this brace. It comes in sizes from small to X-large so you can find the best fit. The brace can also improve blood circulation to speed up recovery thanks to the four-way compression sleeve

Best strap up support

best ankle brace for support

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MEDIZED ankle brace (opens in new tab)

Effective, strong support for your ankle

This ankle brace has two stabilisers on both sides and is designed not to stretch, replicating ankle taping. This means that it will provide added support and will help to treat and prevent sprains and twists. It’s comfortable to wear and is ideal if you need protection whilst playing sports or running. It’s also a great ankle brace to use if you have weak ankles or you’re trying to heal an ankle injury.

Best for swollen ankles

best ankle brace for swollen ankles

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GelpacksDirect ankle icepack (opens in new tab)

Pain relief for swollen ankles

This ankle brace comes with a gel pack. The gel pack can be cooled to provide relief for swollen or sprained ankles or heated to help reduce stiffness and increase mobility for injured ankles. It offers fast, effective relief to help get you moving. Each package includes the gel pack, a non-woven sleeve, and ankle wrap. 

Bottom line

An ankle brace can be an effective way to manage and prevent pain from an injury or ongoing condition. The WASPO ankle support (opens in new tab) is our choice when it comes to the best ankle brace. It’s one size fits all and feels comfortable to use. It also can help to boost blood circulation, which can speed up the natural healing of injuries. 

The Modetro sports ankle brace (opens in new tab)offers everything you need in a brace. As well as a comfortable fit, it also has a special fabric that is both flexible and breathable, so you won’t feel sweaty. It’s lightweight and comes in a range of sizes so you can get your perfect fit.