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Best AM radio

best AM radio
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AM radios are perfect if you want to listen to the news, weather, talk radio, or even music. Whilst the rise of music streaming services is still on the up; there is definitely a place for traditional AM radio.  AM radio is a valuable local resource, often providing a platform for announcing emergency conditions. This guide will help you find the best AM radio for you. 

Best overall

Best overall shower caddy

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Sangean DT-250 (opens in new tab)

Small and compact with a great sound

The Sangean DT-250 is a lot of radio in a small package. It has 19 station presets so you can save your favourite stations. There’s also a 90-minute auto shut off, so if you’re prone to drifting off to the radio, then you won’t have to worry about it running all night. There are earphones included in the box, but it has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack if you’d rather use your own. It also comes with a removable belt clip so ideal if you want to use it whilst on the move. 

Best AM alarm

best am radio alarm

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Eachui portable AM radio (opens in new tab)

Wake up with the sound of your AM radio

If you want to wake up to the sound of your favourite tunes or news, then this Eachui portable AM radio can deliver. It offers a good reception, even in areas where the signal is poor. The speaker offers a loud, clear sound. It can be powered via batteries so great for taking with you on the road or for use in emergencies or power outages. 

Best waterproof

best waterproof am radio

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Docooler AM shower radio (opens in new tab)

Keep listening, even in the shower

This small AM radio is completely waterproof and perfect for using in the bathroom or even taking with you to the pool or beach. It has FM capability too so you will always have access to your favourite tunes. It’s simple in design, and you can switch between AM and FM by turning the knob. There’s also a tuning and a volume / off knob. It offers a good, clear sound and is battery operated. 

Best pocket radio

best portable

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Ruicer self adhesive corner shower (opens in new tab)

Benss pocket radio

There’s no excuse to leave your radio at home with this pocket-size radio from Benss. It has a high-quality built-in speaker making it perfect for travelling, camping trips, or even when you’re exercising. This is a transistor radio with a long-range so you can listen in anywhere. It's also easy and simple to operate. 

Best for emergency

best am radio

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Greadio emergency weather radio (opens in new tab)

Always be prepared

You never know when you may need access to a radio so that you can be ready for any event with this Greadio AM radio. You can wind it up or use the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. It also takes AAA batteries, so you know you'll always have power. As well as offering an AM radio, you can also use it to charge your phone or enjoy the 1w radio flashlight that’s built-in. 

Bottom line

Having an AM radio can be more useful than just having something to listen to music on. We think the Sangean DT-250 (opens in new tab) is ideal. It’s small enough to carry around with you but powerful enough that you’ll get a good sound. It also has FM capability, so you have wider access to stations. 

The Greadio emergency weather radio (opens in new tab) is another must buy. It can be used as an AM radio, battery charger, and a flashlight so if you’re without power or in an emergency, it's got you covered.