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Best all-in-one printers

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All-in-one printers are a must for any home office. We recommend the HP Deskjet 2632 all-in-one printer due to its overall versatility, and there are lots of choices for different kinds of needs. No matter what printer you choose, it's likely you can print from your phone and keep your office humming even when off-site. With automation, printers are now getting smarter with their ink usage and also with their ability to automatically order more ink when supplies run low.

Best overall

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HP Deskjet 2632 All-in-One Printer (opens in new tab)

This printer will save on space, time, and ink

The HP Deskjet printer will not only save on space but will help you reduce your ink usage by about 70 per cent. When your ink runs low, the printer will automatically order more for door delivery, making sure you won't ever be completely dry. You can print from many smartphones and tablets with the HP Smart App. This will allow you to print not only documents, but also photos from social media, scanned receipts, and other everyday documents.

Best design

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Epson Expression Home XP-4100 Printer (opens in new tab)

The big screen and buttons make printing a snap

The Epson Expression not only prints well, but it looks good on your desk. The manual control buttons, coupled with a high-definition screen, will make it easy to do your print jobs. Mobile printing allows you to send printing jobs even from off-site, while wireless printing let you continue to function even while away from Wi-Fi.

Best value

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Canon PIXMA MG2550S 4800 X 600 All-in-One Printer (opens in new tab)

A compact and affordable choice

The Canon PIXMA is a budget-friendly choice for all-in-one printers. Optional XL ink cartridges will give you improved economy, as you will use less ink per page. It also is compatible with multiple Windows systems, which makes it easy to use for older systems.

Bottom line

The HP Deskjet 2632 All-in-One Printer (opens in new tab) is perfect for your all-in-one needs. Ink usage is ultra-efficient, and the printer is smart enough to order more ink. 

The supplied app will let you print from not only your computer but also smartphones and tablets. Don't forget that you can also print other items besides standard documents, including photos from social media or those little papers that you need to keep track of for tax purposes. The printer makes it easy to keep your office organized, even when you're on the go.

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