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Best adult colouring books   

Best adult colouring books   
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Colouring books aren’t just for children. In fact, they can be an important tool in maintaining good mental health for all ages. When it comes to colouring, think about it as yoga for your mind. It’s the perfect way of switching off and forgetting the worries of your day whilst unleashing your creative side. Adult colouring books can help to relieve stress and anxiety as well as training the brain to focus. We’ve put together a list of the best adult colour books so you can pick up your pencils and get creating. 

Best overall

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Enchanted forest

Go on a colourful adventure and find the clues to open the castle door

If you’re looking for a colouring book that you can really get stuck in to then this one by Johanna Basford is for you. It takes you on a journey through an enchanted forest so you can discover what lies within the castle. This colouring book has images to colour and embellish as well as hidden animals and objects for you to find along your way.  

Best mandala

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100 Magical mandalas

Easy designs to relax your mind

Mandalas are the perfect way to unwind and relax. This colouring book has 72 unique designs for you to complete. It uses artist-grade paper that’s 150gm so you can use a variety of pens or pencils without worrying about bleed-through. The pages are also detachable, so if you’d like to display your work, you can simply tear it from the book. 

Best for stress

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Art therapy anti-stress colouring for adults

A mix of quirky patterns and enthralling stories

Lose yourself in this colouring book full of simple and fun designs. Each image has been designed with stress relief in mind so the intricate patterns will improve your focus and increase your creativity. This colouring book is full of different animals that you can colour and shade. 

Best foral

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World of flowers

From Japanese water lillies to South African Poppies go on a floral adventure

This is one of the most beautiful colour books on the market; it takes inspiration from flowers all over the world. From the gardens of Japan to the poppies of South Africa, you can bring these designs to life.  This colouring book is made using paper that’s a shade of ivory to really emphasise the colours you choose to use. The paper is 150gsm so you can use felt or acrylic pens without it bleeding through the page or over the lines. 

Best Disney

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Disney classics colouring

Add some magic to your life

Whether you’re a die-hard Disney fan or you want to bring a bit of magic to your life, the Disney classics colouring book has over 100 images for you to colour. From Lion King to Cinderella, this colouring book celebrates some of the most iconic Disney characters whilst helping you relax and unwind at the same time. Some images are simple, and others have intricate detailing, so there is a good mix of images for everyone to enjoy. It also uses thick paper so you can use felt or marker pens and not experience any bleeding of the pages. 

Best for fashion lovers

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Vogue colouring book

Combine your love of fashion with this mindful activity

If you love fashion but want to relax your mind, then the Vogue colouring book is the perfect fit. It allows you to indulge in the glitz and glamour of British Vogue in the 1950s. It has a series of monochrome drawings ready for you to add your own touch by colouring to complete the design. 

The bottom line

Colouring can bring hours of fun, and if that fun also helps you to feel better, then it’s a win-win situation. We love the enchanted forest colouring book by Johanna Basford because it takes you on a journey. It’s following the path and finding the hidden objects that really relaxes the mind and has the health benefits. 

The Vogue colouring book is another favourite. For any fashion lovers, this is a must buy. We love how you can shake off the stresses of the day by transporting yourself back to an era of glamour and luxe thanks to one of the world’s most popular fashion publications.